Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On My TV Radar: Styl'd

Top Row (l-r): Senior Stylists Eric Archibald, Jen Rade, Julie Weiss
Bottom Row (l-r): Junior Stylists Brett Nelson, Janna Brown, Gary Samuelian, Cody Conti, Tara Ahmadi

I was a little weary about a fashion-type of show on MTV, but as soon as I tuned into Styl'd, I was instantly hooked. Styl'd follows 5 junior aspiring stylists who are competing for a chance to win a contract with MMA (Margaret Maldonado Agengy). The three senior stylists, with whom are their mentors and ultimately their bosses are Jen Rade, Julie Weiss, and Eric Archibald. I love the drama, the bitchiness, and of course, the clothes and the celebrities that they dress.

Some highlights so far:
  • Brett takes a side job with one of Julie's clients and borrows clothes from Kitson Men's using her name. Yikes! His only downfall was when he told Janna about it. I get where he's coming from. I would be tempted to do the same thing. However, Janna threw him under the bus, got him fired, and didn't even own up to the fact that she told on him! I think tonight they will give him another chance and hire him back. Let's cross our fingers!
  • Brett's replacement is Cody, who's mother was VP of Versace. Talk about some fashion clout!
  • Last week's episode, they had to do a photo shoot up a canyon, where Janna and Gary were stuck pulling rolling racks up a steep mountain. Janna got sick, threw up, and even got attacked by a dog.
  • Tara pulled the winning look for Colbie Caillat for a red carpet event last week
  • Gary continues to get in trouble for not having proper "set-iquette." He tends to give tons of opinions to clients while on set. However, he continues to be my favorite junior stylist. So funny, personable, and talented! Girl can dress me any day!
Catch Styl'd --Tuesday nights on MTV at 11pm.

Check out one of my favorite scenes from Styl'd involving Kim Kardashian

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  1. I'm totally with you - I also just started watching this show, and I think I'm already hooked. While it's obviously heavily scripted, I find it quite entertaining, and I also think it's a cool idea for a reality show - the celebrity style industry isn't really something that gets covered a lot and it's nice to get an insider's view of the industry, even if it might be biased and scripted.

    Also, really like the music choices they make, especially in last night's episode when they used the songs "Turn Me On" and "Fire Island" by TV/TV - those are two of my favorite dancey/party tunes of the year so I was amped to hear them on Styl'd.


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