Saturday, October 31, 2009

'Twas the Night of All Hallows Eve...

Director Tim Burton's characters from movies such as Beetlejuice, The Nightmare before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands, jump on the pages of Harper's Bazaar October issue (shot by photographer Tim Walker). This layout was designed in anticipation of Burton's career retrospective at New York's MOMA starting November.

So edgy. So freaky. So fabulous.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dreaming in Hermes

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends where we had a brief conversation about Hermes, and then it occurred to me that I have never written about the luxury brand! I immediately starting looking up photos and old ad campaigns from previous seasons. I remember being enthralled by these ads from some of my old Vogue magazines, but after seeing some of these ads for a second time--that sense of awe and wonderment still hasn't vanished. I think Hermes has some of the best ad campaigns. The vibrant colors, the backdrop, the styling, and the story that these ads tell are simply genius.

[Fall 2008]
I wouldn't mind being stuck in a snow storm, if I had this guy with me--carrying all those Hermes boxes filled with goodies!

[Fall 2005]

[Spring 2009]

[Spring 2006]

[Fall 2009]

[Fall 2008]

[Fall 2006]

[Fall 2006]

[Spring 2009]

and some things on the wishlist...
these bracelets/cuffs/watches are to die for!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

When I saw the McQueen collection, I knew I wanted to save these pictures for a Halloween post; but I couldn't wait until Saturday to post these. Maybe these will inspire those who are still deciding what to dress up as. The collection was so freaky and out of control, but it is definitely McQueen. I don't know how anyone will be able to wear those shoes out, but they're pretty amazing pieces. What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gucci Cruise 2010

The Gucci Cruise 2010 Collection is now available for purchase! My favorite piece? The gray platform wedge sandals with side cut-outs (last picture below). I am in love. Happy Monday everyone!

Lazy Sunday

Back in August, I discovered Necklush on twitter. As I was going through their website, I knew I had to have one. They are so funky, different, and colorful; they're a sure way to add punch to any plain outfit. When I received my necklushie in the mail, I spent a good amount of time playing around with it, since you can wear it in so many different ways. Today, I finally wore my necklushie while running errands. I also wore my new shoes from Steve Madden that I got on sale for only $30! Upon purchasing it online, I read such positive reviews about how comfortable these shoes are, and that sealed the deal. After wearing them for a few hours, my feet never felt so good. So sad the weekend is over. Back to work tomorrow!

Gray Boyfriend Tee: Target
Long Black Cardigan: Target
Neckwear: Necklush
Jeans: Guess
Clutch: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Steve Madden

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pinch Me...I Met Derek Lam!

As I stepped off the elevator at Saks, the shoe department instantly transformed into a social soiree which served cocktails and little mini hors d'oeuvres to guests. I walked around the various Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, and Manolo Blahnik displays and couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to own every single pair. My day-dream quickly vanished when I spotted Derek Lam surrounded by flocks of people. I noticed that he was dressed simply, yet sharp, donning dark Levi's jeans, black shoes, navy vest, white collared shirt, and a green tie with pink stripes.

When I noticed no one was around him, I nervously approached him, introduced myself, and asked him a couple questions. He was friendly, down to earth, and I felt like there wasn't any "frills" to him, if that makes sense. I asked him if it was really true that he went to St. Ignatius College Prep in the San Francisco (my high school!) and he said that he did indeed attend and graduated in 1984. He said that his mom gave him his yearbook the other day and he was thumbing through it, recounting his high school days. He noted that his English, Social Studies, and Art teachers were the ones that instilled his love for humanities and the arts. From there, he attended Boston College and majored in business. However, he really wanted to move to New York and enrolled at Parsons where he interned with Michael Kors (another one of my faves).

He mentioned that Michael Kors is his mentor and that they are still friends to this day. I asked if I could expect to see him as a guest judge on Project Runway. Lam said that they have asked him, but he has declined because he doesn't think he would be good on television. I think I respectfully disagree, Mr. Lam!

I asked how he maintained such a busy life--designing for his own line and serving as Creative Director for Tod's. He said that he really doesn't think about balancing-it's just something that happens and evolves into the next thing/project.

I wanted to delve into so much more, but our conversation was cut short (I only managed to ask two questions) due to the fact that he had other people to meet. I completely understood the situation, as I am just a fan with a little blog. I wanted to ask him about the prospect of following in the footsteps of other designers such as Michael Kors or Rachel Roy, who have diffusion lines to reach a broader market. I also wish I could have asked about his designing process, how he came about starting his own line, how he separates his own collection from designing for Tod's, and more importantly, what advice he had for those that wanted to either be a designer or to be on the business side of fashion. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to have met Derek Lam. It was really an honor to be in the presence of someone I really admire.

Thanks to Saks, these past two weeks have been truly a dream come true. Who knew that I would meet Christian Siriano, Derek Lam, Yigal Azrouel, and The Sartorialist all within 9 days?

I can not wait to get my pictures developed, frame them, and put them up on my fashion wall! Project for the weekend!

Mr. Photographer...Make Sure You Catch Me From My Good Side

After leaving Saks, I walked a couple blocks down to Paul Smith. I was so busy recounting my experience with Yigal Azrouel (see post below) in my head that I simply lost my direction. I had no clue where Stockton Street was, and asked a couple walking on the street. They told me that they had just landed in the city from the UK. Feeling quite embarrassed, I said "Well, welcome to San Francisco!" and went along my merry way.

I finally located the store and was flabbergasted. The line was long, stretching down the block and around the corner. I took my place in line and waited. and waited. and waited--for 3.5 hours--in heels, mind you! To pass the time, I texted, talked on the phone, went through the book for a third time, and talked to random people in line. The people I talked to were equally surprised with the turnout, and one of the guys said candidly "I mean, San Francisco, isn't the most aesthetically pleasing type of place." However, the people waiting for the Sartorialist proved me wrong and were very well dressed. There were seas of blazers, brogues, tights, sky high heels, and even full on tailored suits. Well done, San Francisco!

When I reached the door, I spoke briefly with the doorman, where he told me that Scott Schuman has to sit a certain way because he likes to be photographed at a certain angle. Well! What a coincidence! I like to be photographed at a certain angle as well (see Christian Siriano post). This was very exciting to know that someone shares the same angles as me, but a dilemma arose--we share the same "good side." What to do?

After several hours, I finally met the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. He wore a simple suit and had tortoise shell round eyeglasses. He was very handsome, debonair, and equally nice and modest. I gave him my book, where he signed the cover, and a photograph that he shot of Carine Roitfeld (editor-in-chief of French Vogue). I asked to take a picture and joked "Scott, you took my good side!" He laughed and said,"It's great to be in this position so I can choose how my pictures are being taken." After that picture, he took my shoulders and twisted them to the right and suggested that we take another picture with our good sides, so that way it was even (picture above!). It was a great experience, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet someone that inspires me so much.

These pictures will go up on my fashion wall! Can't wait to frame them!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yigal Azrouel at Saks!

Fashion designer Yigal Azrouel made a personal appearance at Saks in San Francisco yesterday evening to present his Spring 2010 collection. I knew I couldn't miss this for the world!

When I arrived, I sipped on some wine and went through each piece in the spring and fall collection, and I must say they were far more impressive in person than the pictures on the runway. I gasped in awe at every piece that I recognized from the collection. I was able to see the impeccable detailing of the ruching, beading, and draping, feel the materials of the clothes, and just take it all in.

I took my little notepad out, slowly approached him, and introduced myself. We had a great conversation which lasted for a few minutes. He was very gracious and answered all my questions patiently. Here are some highlights from my interview. A quick note: I didn't have a tape recorder, so I can't quote him word for word. I quickly jotted his answers down, but these answers are paraphrased.

1. What is your designing process? Is everything methodically planned out? Do you have inspirations before you design something?
YZ: Being in New York City is an inspiration enough, but music also plays a major part as well. My designing process first starts at the fabric. I choose my fabric first, then I play around with it. I play around with techniques such as draping and try to form it around the body. After I figure out what I want to do I sketch it.

2. What was your inspiration for the Spring 2010 collection?
YZ: I wanted to do something architectural and graphic, and I wanted to design my own fabric.
I like creating something that looks like it is "worn in." I don't like anything too perfect. To me, imperfection is already perfect.

3. How did you start out?
YZ: I was attracted to fashion at an early age, and just decided to go for it. I was self taught, had no formal training. Nothing happened overnight. There was no "big break." My status as a designer started to grow through word of mouth and as customers liked what they saw, they told other people, and that's how it happened.

4. What other designers do you look up to?
YZ: There are so many! Margiela...Alexander McQueen is always good...on the Japanese side, Yohji (Yamamoto).

5. What advice do you have for people starting out?
YZ: Believe in yourself and be consistent in your work.

Random stuff that came up during the conversation:
  • He just came back from visiting his sister in La Jolla, San Diego. While he was there, he went to Blacks Beach and surfed!
  • My favorite dress from the Spring 2010 collection (and his as well, coincidentally enough) is the one below. The yellow "lines" are made of tulle and some sort of chiffon (I can't remember, sorry!) and they are gathered and sewn to create some texture.
  • He showed me a way to wear the dress-Azrouel paired a lightweight anorak type jacket with the dress to give it more of a sportswear feel.

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