Monday, November 15, 2010

Spotlight On: Maya Brenner Designs

I was at a sports bar in San Francisco rooting for the Giants when I saw someone with this California state necklace in gold. It was so simple, yet made a bold statement of "I'm proud to be a Californian!" I asked who the designer was, and quickly learned of LA jewelry designer Maya Brenner. Although these small necklaces are a little pricey ($250 for the 14k gold piece, and $120 for the silver ones), I love the idea of showing pride in your home state worn as a piece of jewelry. I think this will be one of my many presents to myself for the holiday season. To shop for more state necklaces or Maya Brenner jewelry, you can go directly to her website here!

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  1. There are also tons of state necklaces on, some more affordably priced :)


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