Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts

Chloe Spring 2009

Chloe Fall 2009

I've always been a fan of the shorts that have been featured in the Chloe runway shows. I don't have mile high legs, nor are they pencil thin, so finding the perfect pair of shorts can be a little tricky for me. These looks are great because they're relaxed and slouchy, yet still have an element of femininity. Ever since I saw those shorts on the runway, I have been on a hunt for them ever since. After having a nice dinner with my parents last night, we walked around the area, and I immediately spotted an H&M. I bought these brown shorts below, which is featured in their Garden Collection for $29.95. The fit is great, they're comfortable, and I think it's overall flattering. I will probably pair these with heels to elongate my legs, a no-hassle top, and perhaps a fitted jacket. Stay tuned for pics. Happy Sunday!

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