Monday, August 9, 2010

Cargo Overload

J Brand
 I was sitting at a Levi's meeting, in which the team was showing the Spring 11 line, and some bottoms featured were: cargo pants. I cringed at the thought of cargo pants only because I remember I used to wear masculine baggy (yes, baggy) ones during my middle school years. It is safe to say I wasn't a fashionable child--we all make mistakes right?! Well, the cargo pant has resurfaced and it has gotten a face life...a major one. I am officially a fan of all the different styles and silhouettes. I want the J Brand ones so bad (pictured above), but I can't justify to spend $231 on a pair of pants. In the meantime, I will just dream...

Cecilia De Bucourt


  1. I love all of the above cargo pants, I am looking out for a great pair.

    Hey, i like your blog and would appreciate if you could check out mine. and we would exchange links.


  2. Let me know when you find a pair! Love to see what you get! I just checked out your blog and you have great style--I am officially a follower! xoxo


Thank you for all your lovely comments!


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