Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After watching shows like Million Dollar Decorators and reading blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Glamourai, I have come to realize that my room needed a makeover--badly. I went to my parents house over the weekend to help them with a garage sale, and I couldn't resist some of my mom's treasures. I picked up candles, lamps, and mirrors, and decided to rework my room. A trip to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie over the weekend also gave me further inspiration on decorative ideas. For now, I am happy with the way it turned out; but knowing me, this look will probably change in a few months.

A glass tray to hold my makeup essentials

A gold mirror that I use as a tray for display on my side table

Not in my room, but I love this precious bench in our foyer

My jewelry station

3 Beaded Flower hooks to hang my necklaces, from Urban Outfitters
Similar here

Ring tray I found at my parents house

Bracelet Bowl

Other side table featuring a hanging clock from Thailand

My updated fashion wall, so much better than it was before!
Making some room for my framed Manolo Blahnik signature


  1. Your room looks great! I love the necklace hooks and the cool items you snagged from home!

  2. I love the newly decorated room! My favorite is the gold mirror with the knick knacks on it... perfectly paired! Good job babe!


Thank you for all your lovely comments!


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