Thursday, July 21, 2011


Cardigan + Romper: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom

It was a beautiful summery day and I decided to sport one of my many rompers. What I love about the place that I work at, is that it is so casual. You are free to dress as you please, and everything is pretty much game. I took these pictures on the stairs leading up to Coit Tower, and the first platform is as far as I got; being in high wedges can be a bit of a challenge, especially when ascending up steep steps. We took so many pictures, but there was only really one that I was satisfied with. The rest made me look too much of a diva. I even said "why am I getting a Victoria Beckham vibe from most of these? NEXT!" Below is the only picture that I find amusing. Strike a pose.


  1. I love dressing up for work and being all professional-like most days, but seriously, if I could be casual and wear whatever I wanted... it would be so free-ing! I think my overall style would be a bit different too.

    Anyway... enough about me. You are adorable in this romper! I haven't found any that fit me correctly yet, but I'm on the lookout... such a cute and fun trend, and you wear it well :)

  2. Not many people can pull off rompers, me being one of them... but they look so cute on you, Vigo! Love them on you beautiful lady!


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