Monday, August 15, 2011


Top + Jewelry: Forever 21
Skirt: Zara

Hope you all had a great weekend! I decided to dress it up and exit out of my comfort zone of jeans and loose tees. I have been trying to hunt down this fuschia pencil skirt from various Zara stores, and I finally scored it from their downtown San Francisco location. I wanted to pair it with a deep royal purple top, for some extra color, and this one from Forever 21 sufficed. I love me some colorblocking! When I tried on the skirt month ago, it fit like a glove, and now, sadly, it's not as form fitting as I would like--it's now a bit too loose. I "blame" it on my intense marathon training the last few weeks before my race. It's kind of a catch 22--we as girls, want to lose weight, but when we can't fit into our favorite pieces, whether it be loose or tight, we're disappointed. The best part of this whole outfit was a complete stranger came up to me and informed that I had a quarter sized hole in the back seam of my skirt. The lining was nude colored, which didn't help, and I'm almost positive people thought they were looking at my butt. Joy. I was wholly embarrassed, and will be taking it to the tailor immediately after this post. Nonetheless, I still love this skirt.  Note to self: I thought I lost weight?? And yes, I realized I wore the wrong bra with this top.  

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