Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Regimen Part II

Please refer to Exhibit A above. I promise I don't look this tan in person, but I don't think the orange top worked in my favor for this Thanksgiving photo-op. With my week-long vacations in Mexico and Hawaii this year, I have definitely gotten a lot of beach time. Unfortunately, my old make-up routine doesn't work for my current skin tone. I was browsing the stores and decided to stop by Benefit Cosmetics. They did a quick little touch up on me and I was blown away. Not only did I look natural, but the concealer and Rebel tinted moisturizer did wonders. I love that the Rebel gives me a refreshing look, while evening out my skin tone. I'm hooked! Here is my updated makeup routine for my tan self below:

daily makeup routine

Face (Left to Right): Smashbox Primer, Benefit's Stay Put Concealer (put around eyes as a primer), Benefit's Rebel Tinted Moisturizer, Armani Concealer, NYC Bronzer, Benefit's Coralista Blush

Eyes (Left to Right): Armani Eyebrow Pencil, Dior Eyeshadow, Revlon Liquid Eyeliner, CoverGirl LashBlast mascara, CoverGirl Liquiline Eyeliner in black


  1. Yay for new makeup....I totally need to do that....


  2. I use some of the same stuff you do.

  3. it´s so cool this blog!


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