Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh Faced

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Since my cosmetic bag was stolen, I had to resort to buying a whole new supply of make-up. Even though I love keeping things consistent, I decided to stop by at Sephora and ask them to revamp my make-up "wardrobe." I had a good time trying out all these different products and finally settled on buying the following items. My look has definitely become a lot more natural and dewy, and it's nice to keep my product count under 10, unlike my past make-up routines here and here. What's your make-up routine?

These are definitely my top 3 favorite products:

1. Tinted Beauty Balm by Too Faced (pictured in Step 2), which is a good light foundation. It doesn't give it a "cakey" appearance and evens out my skin tone very nicely. It lasts 18 hours, and I don't feel the need to reapply. It acts as a dual primer and foundation as well.
2. Stila's Waterproof Brow Color Marker (pictured last in Step 3). Yes folks, it's an eyebrow marker. And, it works. It makes my eyebrows natural and just shades in the parts that need some help.
3. Ole Henriksen's Sheer Transformation moisturizer (pictured first in Step 1). I was on the market for an anti-aging formula (I need to protect my skin from wrinkles!) and this was the immediate go-to. I was told that if you feel the need to use moisturizer immediately after you wash your face, then it's not working. I put a little dab of this stuff after washing my face and it's so smooth and refreshing.

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