Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Don'ts: An Observer's Perspective

Since I have been walking all over the city this past week, I have been doing a lot of people watching, and have noticed what people have been wearing on the streets. I must say that I am appalled that people are still wearing some of these awful "trends" and I had to write about the top 10 things that I have observed! Don't get me wrong, I have admittedly fallen victim to some fashion don'ts, so please do not take offense. I am simply writing what I see and wanted to share them with you!

1. Denim on Denim (or as Glamour Magazine calls it--the Denim Tuxedo)
I used to wear denim on denim when I was a little kid, and that's because I didn't know any better! This is just plain horrific. Unless you want to herd cattle or take place in a rodeo, never ever wear this out in fact, don't ever wear it period. Even celebs like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have worn this ensemble, and as attractive as they are, does it look good on them? Absolutely not! Keep the denim to one thing, whether it be a jean jacket or jeans, but do not wear them together!

2. Leggings/Tights With a Really Short Top
As much as people are over leggings/tights, I find nothing wrong with them. However, no matter how skinny you are, even if you have a rockin' body with long legs, leggings/tights with a short top is not appropriate for public! Not only are you prone to camel toe, but your bottom is exposed! Case in point: Paris Hilton. You can see her underwear!

3. Animal Print Overkill
I was at a store, and saw a woman in leopard print knee-high boots with a furry overcoat. Since when did that become ok? Frankly, she looked like Chewbacca. I know animal print is a trend and always will be a trend, but please keep it to a minimum. If you must wear animal print, wear it in accessories, such as a clutch purse or flats or heels. But please do not wear it in boots--you will look like fashion roadkill. Wearing too much animal print will make you look trashy. Use your best judgment!

4. Chipped Nail Polish
The biggest pet peeve I have is seeing people with chipped nail polish. If you can't maintain your nails, then don't put any color on them at all. It looks better with no color than with chipped nail polish! Maybe bring a spare bottle in your purse so you can make quick touch ups on your fingernails. In the case of your toes, don't wear open toed shoes if you don't have time to make touch-ups--it's as simple as that!

5. Over Accessorizing
So I know I have written about how much I am in love with big chunky jewelry, but don't wear them all at once. If you're going to wear the huge necklace, leave the chandelier earrings or the stacked bracelets at home. Over accessorizing makes it look like you're trying to put too many trends on your body, and it just doesn't work. When in doubt, take the advice of Coco Chanel: "When you're done dressing, you should look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house." Paula Abdul fails with the chandelier earrings and oversized necklace, while Eva Mendes does it right by keeping it simple, while making a statement at the same time.

6. Cropped Tops
Again, it doesn't matter how flat or toned your stomach is. No one wants to see you wearing a crop top at the club or in public! It's not sexy nor is it attractive. In fact, it's just plain trashy. Leave the stomach exposure for the beach when you're in a bathing suit.

7. Sequin Prom Dresses
I was at a department store yesterday and this girl was excitedly showing her friend this prom dress that she was in love with. Sadly, it was one of those rayon-type fabric dresses thrown up with glitter, sparkle, and sequins all over. I really wish retailers stopped making those type of dresses because they look cheap and BAD. What's worse is that I went to a college formal last year and these girls in their 20s were wearing the same dresses! I understand we make fashion mistakes, and high school is a place to experiment with different trends, but to still think they're "fashion forward" in college is a big no no!

8. Muffin Tops
I can not stand looking at muffin tops. For those of you that don't know, people that wear really tight jeans, and their back sides and stomachs are spilling out of their jeans, are called people with muffin tops. Please please please wear jeans that fit your body size. If you're a size 6 but really think you can fit into a 2, don't force it. Tights pants make you appear bigger than you really are, and you want to wear fitted clothing, not something that's way too tight. Buy what fits your body!

9. Socks with Sandals
YES, I saw a girl wearing red socks with black Nike sandals. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was completely imagining it, but I saw correctly. If your feet are cold, why not wear boots? Why wear sandals and socks? It really doesn't make any sense! I don't even know what else to write because I feel like it's an obvious thing NOT to wear. Even when I'm wearing socks in the house and need to go out to my driveway to get the paper, I won't even wear socks and sandals out, so I can't even fathom why people would wear that combination out in public!


  1. damn does paula ever do it right? however, i do love that she is a hot ass mess

  2. I love you and I enjoyed reading this!!! What about gladiator sandals??? Please don't tell me you like that trend. yuck.

    Miss you little one!!

  3. omg Briiii! I love gladiator heels! They are so cute! Of course I love that trend! :)


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