Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009: Viktor and Rolf

Dutch design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are known for their theatrical type fashion shows, and this one proved no different. The models were painted with white faces, which made them look like statuesque porcelin dolls that were dressed in structural/geometric, almost oragami-styled clothing ranging from coats, skirts, and dresses. Again, like most designers this season, the collection showed a great deal of fine draping and pleating, but what was most impressive were the skirt and coat below (first two images) which were purposely made to resemble cut stone. Although they stuck to a common color palette of soft grays, browns, and blacks, I was not bored with the collection because of the way the garments were masterfully shaped and structured. To view Viktor and Rolf's collection, click here.

[Image Source: Getty Images]

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  1. I love Viktor & Rolf, and those first two images you highlighted were amazing (the jacket and skirt)! I have never seen anything like that where the clothing has those origami-style creases and geometric pleating. Very cool.


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