Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009: Alexander McQueen

Leave it to avant garde designer Alexander McQueen to throw an unconventional, over-the-top, yet lavish fashion show! His Fall 2009 collection was filled with circus-like stripes, immense ruffles, and billowy skirts in dark colors such as black and blood red. Houndstooth and stripes deemed to be popular and were mixed together to create an interesting effect. The models exhibited clown-like lips, oh-so high platform heels, and bizarre, yet whimsical head pieces. My favorite piece was this red and black feathery sweetheart dress with the beautfiul skirt bottom. It looks rather vampire/goth-esque but I love it regardless because of its unique shape and feather detailing. Although the entire collection was eccentric, I definitely thought McQueen delievered a great collection. To view Alexander McQueen's Fall 2009 collection, click here.

[Image Source: Getty Images]

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