Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Look for Less: Taylor Momsen

On Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl, Jenny Humphrey turned 16! She received this beautiful shimmery Missoni dress, but in true Jenny fashion, she styled it with a black motorcycle jacket and her woven black and gold chain bracelet to add her own rocker-inspired vibe. I decided to do some shopping to create the look for less. Although I do not know the price of her outfit, I can guess that it costs more than $800 given that she is wearing a Missoni dress. Here is what I found:

-Motorcycle Jacket: Black side-zip jacket for $39.99
-Black Tights: ASSETS by Sara Blakely for $12.00
-Metallic clutch: Basket-weave style for $29.00
-Bracelet: Woven leather and gold chain for $12.99.
-Earrings: Woven coin earrings for $4.00
-Shoes: Pink iridescent patent leather pumps for $143.00
-Dress: I have 3 options available (from left to right)
#1: Tight Sequin beaded dress for $98.
#2: Metallic halter dress for $198.
#3: Gold shift dress for $175

Total look (not including the dress) is $241.00. Nevertheless, the maximum amount spent is still less than $500. Click on images below to see where you can purchase them!

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