Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fab Trend: Rhinestone Necklaces

On a recent trip to Forever 21, I was amazed by how much sparkle there was in the jewelry section. There were oversized necklaces galore, adorned with huge colorful rhinestones. I picked up a necklace (see above) and wasn't even sure myself if I could pull it off without looking like I was trying too hard. I consulted in my shopping buddy and she said to go for it. The first time I wore it out, I instantly covered it with a blazer because I just thought it was too much (I am not always the most brave when it comes to new trends!). However, this past weekend, I decided to venture and try it out when I went shopping. I wore it with a plain black tee and dark washed jeans (nothing else. No watch, no ring, not even small studded earrings). The verdict? Positive! I had four random people compliment the necklace and I felt better about wearing it out. So, I encourage you to wear that huge sparkly necklace and stand out from the crowd! Below are some more options, which can all be found at Forever 21. If you still feel like these necklaces are too much, then try for a smaller option (first image below).

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