Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Pet Peeve: Leather Leggings

I was running the streets of San Francisco today and what did I see that sparked me to write this entry? This girl wore black shiny leather leggings, black socks, and black studded clogs. First of all, I don't even have enough room to write about what was wrong with that entire outfit; instead, I decided to narrow it down and post my take on leather leggings. I don't understand the concept of leather leggings: 1. how are they even flattering to any girl's body? That particular material hugs every inch of your body and is bound to show the imperfections. 2. unless you are reprising the role of Olivia Newton John in Grease, please don't wear these in public. There are some trends that I do not appeal to my personal taste, but I still appreciate it, knowing that they are fashion forward. However, I do not find leather leggings to be fashion forward at all. If anything, they can instantly cheapen any outfit. Do you agree or disagree?


  1. I disagree. It depends first of all on ones body and secondly on how it's accessorized..with possibly a long slouch top and tall boots. There are many options with these pants. You are able to go High Fashion or casual. They're very versatile!! You may not have the physique to show off such a look and therefore inclined to discredit it. It is possible to wear this outfit and exhibit GREAT TASTE. I am 64 years old and my figure is still good because I work at it!!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I agree with the things that you've said..maybe I had such an aversion to liquid leggings 4 months ago because I've seen so many BAD versions of it. When you're only exposed to the bad, it's so hard to see the good in it!

    Since they're getting to be more popular, I have seen them and they do look good on a specific bunch. Maybe the reason I hated them so much was because the ones that I saw were of such bad material--it was just sooo shiny and plastic looking! But after seeing the ones that are less garbage bag, I have grown to like them :)

    Thanks again for commenting!

  3. Interesting. Real leather leggings, the 895 kind that Macy's advertised recently look quite fine. Especially on a tapered leg. The polyester or other types I have to say look a bit trashy unless you're out at a night club.
    You're right about a specific bunch. Can't be too skinny or too fat. It's not just my aversion to too skinny but that leggings should be feminine with feminine curves. It is a look I think that's more interesting with mid thigh skirts or longer slit skirts.
    If you have a bikini model body, as opposed to a runway model body, then the legging plus any kind of top would be good looking.


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