Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent Purchases

I decided to have some time to myself yesterday and went on a little shopping trip. I was disappointed that I didn't find more things, but then again, at least it saved me money! I went to Forever 21 in search of a cute and inexpensive skirt, and I found it! I've been obsessed with plaid lately and couldn't resist this buffalo plaid skirt in royal blue and black. I tried it on and found that the lace trim was heinous, but I looked at it and discovered that I could cut the trim off. It looks infinitely better without the lace, and it's more wearable as well. I'm thinking of tucking in a black v-neck tee or tank, throwing on a simple dark gray cardigan, and using a bright yellow envelope clutch. Not only is this skirt super comfortable, but it costs only $14.80! I'm also on the lookout for the printed skirt below. If I can't find it soon, I may have to purchase this one online!

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