Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shoe Spotlight: Tory Burch Jelly "Reva" Shoe

The jelly shoe is back, but in a new and redesigned way. Every time I have gone shopping with friends and we pass by these Tory Burch jelly flats, the popular reaction tends to be: "these shoes are so ugly." However, I am one to give shoes a chance before I completely write them off. I tried them on, and they actually don't look bad! They come in vibrant colors such as bright yellow, equestrian orange, and parrot pink, which will look perfect for the summer season. Although they are cute, there are 2 main reasons as to why you will not see them on my feet: 1. They are expensive. $95 for jelly shoes? 2. They don't breathe. I can only imagine how sweaty my feet will be, especially in the summer time! Will you be wearing jellies come summertime?


  1. I tried these one when I was shopping with my favorite friend (who will remain nameless) :) and I have to admit they looked cute on. I'm a big fan of Tory but unlike the old jellies we grew up with as kids, this is a closed off jelly and would cause any girl to sweat. It's one of those things that's better in theory!

  2. no I most certainly will not !


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