Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apartment a la California

I decided to play around with my camera (by the way, it's a Canon Powershot SX30 IS) and took some random shots of my apartment. I'm currently reading the manual, and have only made it to page 21 out of 196. I still have a long ways to go. Even though we've lived in our apartment for almost four months, we still haven't finished decorating it. It's all a working progress for now. Currently, we're in search of a shelf for the living room, a bench for the foyer, and some rugs to help mask the sound that my 4 inch heels make in the morning as I get ready for work. Sorry neighbors! Welcome to our humble abode...

Love my Vanity Fair--first step? Trying to fix the date on that darn thing!

My fashion books + a Burger Bar book from Hubert Keller

some art I got from a street vendor in NYC

One of my favorite images

coat hanger

sparse entrance table--but not for long!

part of the living  room

flowers sent to my work :)


jewelry area

clock from Cost Plus

reminders to be appreciative

pink + yellow

clearly I love black + white

jewelry bowl

items on my nightstand

Make-up area + jonathan adler calendar + growing fashion wall (it's not crooked I swear!) 


  1. I knew u were bougie! I want Jon Adler stuff! LUCKY!

  2. I only have the calendar--not the furniture! But I do love him :)

  3. i LOOOOOOVE your apartment!!!! i want it! lets trade! =]

  4. There are more pics to come...i just decorated it more last night :)


Thank you for all your lovely comments!


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