Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I celebrated my birthday yesterday in which I had dinner at a restaurant called Baker and Banker and received a fantastic gift--a camera! I literally cried when I received it. It's probably one of the more thoughtful gifts someone has given to me. This blog is a personal accomplishment of mine, and to get something in support of this blog (even though I've been wishy washy lately about it) means the world. Everyone knows I've been taking pictures with my mother's digital camera; and since I moved out to live in San Francisco, I have been camera-less for many many months. I absolutely can't wait to figure out how to operate this thing and start posting some better quality pics on this blog. Below are some pics of my initial reaction with the new camera. Side note: why does my room look crooked? Anyways, stay tuned for posts with pics from the cam!

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