Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Must-Have: Sweater Dresses + Knee High Boots

I am very girly and would much rather prefer skirts and dresses over pants.With the new Fall season, I am excited to buy sweater dresses and pair them with knee high boots. It's so feminine, yet still has that comfortable and relaxed feel. This look will definitely be on my radar and I am now on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress. Have a fabulous weekend!

Sweater Dresses and Knee High Boots

Look 1:

Look 2: 

Look 3:   

Look 4: 


  1. I love this look... timeless, and oh so cozy!!

  2. I love sweater dresses and gorgeous boots! So fall/winter ready-and super easy if your in a hurry!


    Erin @

  3. These picks pretty much define my look for Autumn (& certainly some of Winter) ... perfect for keeping warm, being practical and looking great! Amazing inspiration though.

    Anna xo

  4. all sweaters are just sooo cozy, soft and chic!
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