Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tips on Finding the Right Eyebrow Shape for You

I was reading this article on about finding the perfect eyebrow shape for your particular face shape. Should you go with full brows or thinner ones? I will admit that I have never really paid attention to my eyebrows. I just tweeze enough just to ensure that I don't look like a werewolf! But I have always envied those that had perfectly arched eyebrows. This article has inspired me to take better care of my brows. I think I will make a trip to the Benefits Cosmetics counter and get my eyebrows arched and shaped at their Brow Bar!

To see the complete TeenVogue article about finding the right shape for you, click here.

To see the list of services/nearest locations of Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bars, click here.


  1. Agreed, eyebrows can make or break a face! The shape of a brow can add or take away years from a woman's face. Eyebrows have also evolved so much over the decades and I think now we're getting to a place where pencil thin brows are out and the more natural looking/brook shields-esque brow is back again.

  2. I love that you blogged about brows!!


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