Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashion Eye Candy: Emma Watson

I came across these pictures of Emma Watson in a Teen Vogue photo shoot and I was in love: The floral voluminous skirts, deep rich colors of purple and teal, the mixing of textures, the ankle booties, the ribbons, headbands, jewels, and yes, even the animal print tights. The styling is perfection and the backdrop of this shoot has a very Italian villa-esque feel. Long gone are the Harry Potter days of the wizard capes and long black robes. Miss Emma Watson has now emerged as a fashionista in her own right. Do you agree?


  1. I do agree :) I think Emma has grown into a very beautiful woman with a cute fashion sense. She is lucky that she was cute when she was young and still cute now...it doesn't always happen with child stars ie Jodi Sweetin/ Stephanie Tanner.

  2. Hi i was just wondering if you new the name of the designer who designed the cream skirt with the flowers and green ribbon in the last picture? im doing fashion in college and i have this picture in my development book but need to say the name of the designer. iv looked everywhere but cant find the name anywhere??

  3. Hi there
    Did you look on teenvogue.com?


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