Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poll of the Day: Herve Lege Black Slash Dress

After reading many fashion and celebrity blogs this week, I've started to have major déjà vu when I noticed four celebs wearing the same Herve Leger black slash dress. When I first saw it on Heather Graham, I thought it was cute, although I don't think it flattered her body. It wasn't my personal style, but it was a unique LBD. However, when I saw everyone and their mom wear it, I kinda lost interest. Out of the four, I think Heidi Montag looks the best in this dress; she has the right amount of curves to work it. What do you think of the Herve Leger slash dress? Vote/Comment below!


  1. Is it not enough to wear a skin tight dress? Now Herve has to incorporate a "I got in a fight with a mountain lion" slashes in it?

  2. The slits/ slashes look like convenient places to put dollar bills while the woman wearing the dress dances for you ...


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