Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 5 Fashion DON'TS: Men's Edition

The only thing that I love about commuting to work is the opportunity to people watch everyday. I have a habit of assessing what people wear, and I really question some people's fashion choices. Although I usually stick to women's apparel, I decided to branch out a little and talk about Mens fashion don'ts.

1. Suits + Tennis Shoes
I can't even count the number of times I've seen both men and women in suits and tennis shoes. It looks just plain wrong, and just plain sloppy. Are men's dress shoes (which are flat, mind you!) that uncomfortable? Even if they are, find more comfortable shoes, and please spare all of us the eyesore of the tennis shoes and suit "look."

2. Birkenstocks
Nothing screams more hippie than Birkenstock sandals. I don't care how comfortable they are, they don't work for anyone. If you must wear flip flops/sandals, how about Rainbow sandals? Those are so comfortable and much better looking than those buckled sandals.

3. Men's Fashion Week-Denim Tube Tops (what?!)
Fortunately, I didn't witness a man wearing this in public. However, it's Men's Fashion Week, and this is a definitely an instance of "what was the designer (specifically Jean Paul Gaultier) thinking?" A denim tube top is not chic for any man, even if it hails from Paris.

4. White Socks and Black Dress Shoes
No, you are not Michael Jackson. He is the only person that can pull this look off because he is the King of Pop. When wearing dress shoes, wear black socks. It looks more polished and professional, and not like you just rolled out of bed and replaced your slippers for shoes.

5. Jean Shorts
I don't know about you, but I was never into the whole jean short thing on men, especially the ones with embroidery. In fact, I don't like any elaborate embellishment of that nature on any jeans. It's just plain tacky. I've noticed that some men that wear these jean shorts like to wear them with socks rolled all the way up. I'm sure men don't care much about their body shape, but baggy jean shorts just makes them look larger and wider.


  1. As a guy...2 & 3 I totally agree with. They're Liberace uncool.
    4 Works if the socks are not showing. Kind of like for Casual Fridays.
    5 Only works on a few guy w/medium sized legs.
    1 I totally disagree with. It's like having one design that's business in the front and party in the back like the mohawk.
    As a sports guy, the reason why coaches sometimes wear sneakers...because, they're soing it for the cause of cancer awareness. For the most part, coaches still to dress apparel on the court.

  2. this is what we finally need! Thanks V!

  3. I disagree with #2 only because you mentioned Rainbows. They're unoriginal, overworn, and sure they're comfortable, but when I see a guy wearing Rainbows it makes me think he doesn't have his own style. Birkenstocks are okay as long as no socks are worn with them. But there's tons of alternatives...

  4. I agree with ALL five...um and in #5 are you referring to east county? ahem you know what I mean ;)
    Funny you mention denim shorts because I was at the zoo and took a picture of a man wearing denim cargo shorts! I was going to send it to you to blog about but since "you know the real me"...you did :)

  5. i shrieked at all of these! how terrifying.

  6. I agree with all 5. And I don't think there's any acception to wearing a suit with tennis shoes. If it is for some cancer awareness, fine, but you have to know that's still horrible fashion. Just like oil and water, it doesn't mix.


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