Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 inch heels? No Big Deal

Went to TJ Maxx today to do some shopping for some decorative housewares, and of course, I got distracted and found these great 5 inch Vince Camuto heels and for only $69.99 (originally $120). I picked the last pair in my size and made a mad dash for the register, as I couldn't wait to try them on at home. They fit perfectly and are oh-so comfortable. I had dinner at such a casual restaurant tonight, but I still found the need to wear these out. I figured this was my hour of glamour for the day, considering I wore flats all day. Sometimes I think I was born in heels!


  1. You must have some very padded feet to pull off pumps that high!

  2. I wish I had padded feet! I was in a sorority where we wore heels for 10 hours straight when it was during rush. Needless to say, my feet have been trained well. :)


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