Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yin and Yang

I was recently introduced to Erica Anenberg jewelry and fell in love with two particular pieces: the black peace sign bracelet and the gold "junk" necklaces. For those that know me well know that I am into huge, chunky statement necklaces. However, this is a fresh departure from the norm, and sometimes it's nice to just keep it simple. I paired my black patent leather bracelet with my newly purchased Marc by Marc Jacobs white watch. Although it may a sharp contrast to some, it worked for me, as I was going for a punk/rocker girl vibe that day. What's nice is the bracelet just sits at the wrist and doesn't move anywhere. It's also patent leather, which I am currently loving. 

I wore the "junk" necklace that day too and I just found it so fun to wear. This necklace has four charms which include a little screwdriver, a nail, screw, and soda can top. They are 14k gold plated and the length of the necklace is 30inches, so it sits very nicely. I am usually a fan with layering necklaces, but with this one, I didn't feel the need to. It's a cute, "tough as nails" (no pun intended!), necklace that speaks for itself. Erica Anenberg's jewelry can be found at stores such as Kitson on Robertson in LA, Henri Bendels, and Ron Herman. However you can purchase more on her direct website here! To purchase the pieces featured on this post, see below!


Click here to purchase the peace sign bracelet!
Click here to purchase the "junk" necklace

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  1. zomg Vicks! Loves it! I'm absolutely hooked on your blog now :) May be picking up the junk necklace soon AND you have perhaps convinced me to purchase a romper for the end of summer.


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