Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love The Plastics

On Sunday, I spent another day in the Marina, having amazing sandwiches and catching an afternoon movie (Eclipse to be exact!). Afterwards, we trekked to Hayes Valley to indulge in macaroons and walk around the neighborhood. I entered a frou frou looking boutique and picked up the first pair of shoes I could find. I flipped them over and saw that the price tag was $500. There was no way I was going to be spending money in there. As I continued browsing, the sales associate informed me that everything, yes EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off. How could a girl resist such a deep discount?

I scanned the shoe section and saw these cute plastic Vivenne Westwood Melissa Ultra flats. Who knew "cute" and "plastic" would ever be in the same sentence? I especially love the tortoise shell colored bow and the tiny peeptoe. The best part is that I scored them for only $65 (originally $130). They are easy on my soles and so versatile--like Dita Von Teese below, you can dress it up and wear them with a chic black trench or with casual slouchy pants like Carey Mulligan.

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