Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ready for Work?

I absolutely love the new Fall 2010 Levi's Go Forth Campaign, which is influenced by a small struggling town called Braddock, located in Pennsylvania. This campaign has a heritage, all-American, working class feel to it, and to me, it is all about going back to the classic Levi's brand. I've already had some questions from friends who have seen the ads splattered across the streets of San Francisco, but are unsure of what the direct message is. Below is an excerpt that Levi's shared with the public:
Amid today’s widespread need for revitalization and recovery, a new generation of “real workers” has emerged, those who see challenges around them and are inspired to drive positive, meaningful change.  This fall, with the introduction of Go Forth ‘Ready to Work’, the Levi’s® brand will empower and inspire workers everywhere through Levi’s® crafted product and stories of the new American worker.   Bolstered by its pioneering spirit and ‘Go Forth’ rallying cry, Levi’s® will explore how a new generation of real American workers is rolling up their sleeves to make real change happen.
 The muse for Levi’s® new campaign is Braddock, a town embodying the demise of the blue collar base that is taking radical steps to reverse its decay.  Braddock now faces a new frontier of repurpose and new work in what was once a flourishing industrial mecca.  Since 2001, John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock, has taken his fight for social justice in Braddock to the masses by enlisting the help of modern pioneers – artists, craftsmen, musicians and business owners – to rebuild and revive the town.   As it rebuilds, Braddock has become a model for how any city, in any part of the country, can prevail as a symbol of hope and change.



  1. I really like this Levi's ad campaign — particularly the messages about all work being equally valuable. That's something that we as a society don't consider often enough. The garbage man's work is just as important to civilization and all of our lives as the most specialized neurosurgeon's.

  2. it was so so cool to be surfing thru sites and see a picture of myself on the internet! lol.. thanks for the smile!! =D


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