Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoe Fetish Anonymous?

I love wandering aimlessly at the mall. You have absolutely no agenda to buy something, and then you find something so cute that you must have it right now! I stumbled across a pair of DV Dolce Vita shoes at Macys a few weekends ago, and they were on sale for $49; sadly, they were not in my size. Then I was on a mission. I HAD to have them--no matter what! I ran over to Nordstrom and was so excited when I spotted them on display, only to find out that the last pair in my size were damaged. Feeling a bit dejected, I went home thinking of an alternate plan. Just for kicks, I tried nordstrom.com and not only were the shoes available online, and not only were they available in my size, but they were discounted for (brace yourself!) $19.50! The shoe gods loved me that day. I quickly punched in my credit card and they arrived in the mail yesterday. Needless to say, it was a successful purchase. I have a shoe problem, but then again, what girl doesn't?

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  1. Super cute!!! They look comfy too. These remind me of the Seychelle's I have in pewter. I forget the name but they are at Nordstrom. I want more =)


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