Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girl in New York: Part 2

I arrived back in San Francisco two hours ago--sadness. But my flight arrived an hour early! I love New York, and I know I'll be back soon. Hopefully one day, it'll be for Fashion Week! Went to some really good places to eat in areas such as the East Village and Murray Hill. Nothing has disappointed me! My lucky moment of the day happened when I dropped my sunglasses in a cab. When I realized they were gone, the cab was gone too. We decided to walk down the street and the cab was magically parked and the driver was talking on his phone, and I got them back. So LUCKY.

Here are some pictures from my weekend:

I know, such a tourist thing to take a picture of this, but I LOVE it :)

Took a walk in Central Park before I left.

Best street food-Halal cart on 53rd & 6th
Chicken and lamb combo for only $6!
-Before the attack-

Mixing it up

Guacamole and plantain chips from Caracas Arepas Bar in the East Village

Fresh juice served in a jar-I had sugar cane juice and lime

La SureƱa Arepa
grilled chicken and chorizo, with avocado
slices and the classic and spicy chimi-churri sauce

Didn't go to Serendipity this trip, but decided to dig this out of my archive. So yummy

Cupcakes from Crumbs bakery--not as great as Sprinkles or Magnolias, but at least I tried it!

Went to Kun Jip in Koreatown. Line was out the door

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