Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bedtime Stories

I'm having trouble sleeping, so I decided to post random inspirational stuff.

Decided to take pictures of some of the fashion books that I own. I want so many more, especially the LV, YSL, and Gucci one, but those will come in due time.

Tried taking some pictures of things that were just laying around in my room. I need a larger necklace organizer, since they tend to get tangled. I love my mirrored damask jewelry box which was only $10 from TJ Maxx. Gotta love the bargains. The two shoes displayed are my favorite ones so far (Gucci and Michael Kors), and of course, my John Lennon-esque round Chanel sunnies from the 90s.

Don't know why it says that I posted this at 11:28pm, but it's definitely 1am here!


  1. Totally inspirational! I'd love to get my hands on that Christian Lacroix book!

  2. you have the sartorialist book. i need to get cracking on that.

  3. Yes! I love the book! I'm probably going to go through it again! so inspirational!

  4. Very nice products. These are looking awesome. These books are very inspiring. I love to read these kind of books.


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