Sunday, September 13, 2009

The September Issue

The day had finally arrived! The September Issue came out in select cities this weekend, and yours truly had the pleasure of seeing it yesterday. The film delved into the world of Vogue and the making of the most important issue of the year, the September Issue. There were tons of cameos from Andre Leon Talley, Thakoon, Bee Shaffer (Anna's daughter), but I felt like Creative Director, Grace Coddington stole the show. Her interviews out shinned Anna Wintour's, and I learned more from her than the editor-in-chief herself. Not wanting to give too much away, it was interesting to see what really goes into a photo shoot, the process of retouching, and the level of detail that goes into the publication. Although this film isn't as witty as Valentino: The Last Emperor, it is still a must-see for all fashion lovers. Click here to see where you can watch the film!


  1. I love september issue get meself the vogue.

    One Love,

  2. must get the issue!!!


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