Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Lover!

I am so very excited to be going to New York for the long weekend. Sadly, I am a week too early for Fashion Week. Oh what I would do to go! I would probably spend countless hours trying to figure out how to get into any of the shows. In honor of my trip, I had to post Sarah Jessica Parker filming scenes for the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie. The cool white dress, multicolored necklace, and gold glittery Christian Louboutin heels are absolute perfection. I found a few things that are an inspiration of this outfit. Click on images to shop this look!

By the way, I'm very excited that Ideeli contacted me about posting a picture of me wearing the bangle that I bought from their website. See me here!

P.S. I will post tons of stuff from NYC!

Until then,


  1. Wish I were going too. But so many things in the way.. this year. Like moving. =( Have fun for me a la Carrie B. style!!


  2. Good luck moving! Thanks! I will post pics of NYC! <3

  3. Love this! -Sigh- I wish I could be in NYC right now...
    Carrie/SJP looks absolutely fabulous!!!! White dress plus colorful necklace=golden


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