Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Tip of the Day: How to Wear Monochrome outfits

Although I'm an advocate of mixing colors and having variation in your wardrobe, I do like to turn to monochrome attire from time to time. Some critics can view this as a bore, but sometimes, going back to basics can be the best fashion choice. Wearing one color can be far from uninspiring; in fact, many designers such as Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren make monochrome appear chic and sophisticated on the runways. Here are some tips to pulling off monochrome without looking like a fashion disaster!

1. Mix textures/styles
Although wearing monochrome can make an outfit appear to fall flat, this can be prevented by wearing clothing with different textures and styles. Embellishments such as draping, ruffles, rouching, pleats, etc...can instantly turn something ordinary to chic. Pair a black rouched top, black jeans, and a black boyfriend blazer. The detailing of the top and the shape of the blazer will give it an element of style. It may seem simple, but simple can be so good!

2. Experiment with Different Hues.
Who says monochrome means sticking to one specific color? Experimenting with different shades will definitely give your outfit variety and prevent it from looking too matchy-matchy. To be safe, experiment with neutral colors such as whites, nudes, and tans. For example, if you're wearing an all gray ensemble, veer away from donning the same hue from head to toe. Instead, opt for different shades of gray to create some contrast. Charcoal skinny jeans, a heather gray tee, and light gray heels is a great combination of mixing light colors with dark ones.

3. Accessories
The simplest solution to add that "something extra" to that outfit is accessories. Whether it be a bright bold bag with an all white maxi dress, or a aquamarine crystal bib necklace paired with a nude colored bandage dress, accessorizing is a guarantee to prevent you from looking boring. However, it is possible to accessorize monochrome as well. Isla Fisher is able to accessorize within the same color palette. She counters her flirty light gray dress with a chunky, hard-metal bib necklace. On the flipside, Angelina Jolie does it right by wearing small gold hooped earrings to slightly accent her cool blue dress. Sometimes keeping accessories to a minimum shows the full effect of your outfit. Use your best judgment!


  1. oh wow that pic of angelina is stunning.

  2. Choosing a neutral color such as black, ivory, grey, camel, is a really easy way to do the monochrome look. When you start getting into actual colors, it's harder to pull off but can be done, the easiest way is with a one piece outfit like a dress.

    Great post!



  3. Awesome post! Great tips :)

    xox, mavi

  4. sarah--yes! angelina looks fabulous as usual :)

    Jennifer-I completely agree-but I DID see Penelope Cruz in all red, and I thought she pulled it off really well!

    Mavi-thanks for commenting! Love your blog!

  5. Oh well Penelope Cruz could wear a potato sack and make it look fab! She makes everything look ethereal.



  6. Agreed :)
    Here is Penelope Cruz in all red!


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