Friday, July 17, 2009

Recent Purchases: A Forever 21/Bloomingdales Bonanza

Last weekend, I went to Bloomingdale's just to look around, and was shocked to find a pair of gold Enzo Angiolini sandals for an additional 40% off. To top it off, I used my associate discount (yes, I can use it at Bloomies too!) and the total came out to be about $18. I left the store happy that I found such a great deal! I tried to link the picture to the Bloomingdale's site, but they don't carry the shoes. I found them on Zappos, but they're selling them for $59...sadness.

After work today, I walked a couple blocks to the colossal 3-story Forever 21 store in San Francisco. I must admit I was very overwhelmed with the amount of people in the store as well as the endless merchandise. Nevertheless, I managed to navigate through the store and found a few cute things...(click on pictures to purchase)
  • Pleated denim dress for $29-- I feel a little naked in this dress, so I might wear it with a fitted blazer. If that doesn't work, then I might return it, stay tuned!
  • Gray ankle boots for $27.80-- I'm already preparing for the fall!
  • Stone drape necklace in black for $13.80--This comes in white too!
  • White necklace for $7.80--I love this necklace because it kind of has an Egyptian-esque feel to it.

In attempts to control my spending I brought a specific amount of cash with me, but I couldn't narrow my choices, which resulted in not having enough. Thus, I gave up and broke out the credit card. I can't believe I bought 3 pairs of shoes in the last few weeks. I'm going to be scared to open my credit card statement. Eek!

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  1. Bloomingdale's always tends to have decently-priced shoes...also the Macy's in the city (which I think you have written down as your place of has shoes TO DIE FOR. There are some black suede BCBG peep toe pumps waiting for me and Dolce Vita peep toe ankle boots. LOVE SF Macy's shoe collection :) The SF F21 makes me way too dizzy...always full. Don't have the patience for it unless I'm with patient friends who drag me in anyways.


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