Thursday, July 30, 2009

Top Handbag Trends of the Season

Some exciting news! Shop It To Me contacted me about being a trendsetter on their blog, and asked if I was interested in writing an article as a guest blogger. I wrote a piece about "The Top Handbag Trends of the Season" and it was posted today on their blog! The list includes fringe, bold colors, studs, crossbody, and clutches. To see the complete post, you can go to the Shop It To Me blog here!


  1. Great post! I love the woven green bag in the last picture but it wasn't labeled over at Shop It To Me, what is it? It's gorgeous!



  2. Thanks! I didn't provide the links when I posted it, and they asked me to post all the links while I was at work, so I was scrambling, but unfortunately couldn't find them all.

    However, I JUST found it! It's by Valentino. Here is the link if you're considering purchasing it/posting it on your blog!

  3. Great feature! Just read it and I'm in love with all your picks, especially the studded bags (the Valentino is calling my name). Thanks for sharing! And you've got a lovely blog by the way :)


Thank you for all your lovely comments!


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