Friday, July 17, 2009

Newest "It" Bag Craze: Alexander Wang's Coco Duffel Bag

Mary Kate Olsen was one lucky girl when Alexander Wang gave her the Coco Duffel bag several months before it even hit the stores. When I first saw the bag, I didn't see what the hype was all about-until I saw the bottom of it. I absolutely love the gold studs that cover the entire bottom of the bag. It's really unexpected, different, and funky. I'm also digging the leather; not only does it seem really soft, but it looks like it has an amazing texture to it. This bag is totally rocker chic, yet, it still maintains some femininity as well. The price isn't too bad, considering it's designer--only $850. However, the Coco Duffel is sold out at places like Shopbop and Barneys...but keep checking back on the websites so you can get the season's "it" bag!


  1. super cute but it seems bulky to carry, no?

  2. I think the drawback is that it's not a shoulder bag...the studs may be a little heavy, but I haven't seen the bag in person, so I can't test it out. But I figure it little Mary Kate can carry it, it shouldn't be too heavy :)


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