Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do You Fake It?

I recently read that a judge awarded LVMH over $400,000 in damages in a five-year long case against a leather fashion's company, who sold counterfeit handbags with the Louis Vuitton logo. My mom told me that one of her friends went into a Louis Vuitton store in Paris wearing her fake LV. When the sales associate saw it, she simply took scissors and cut the straps off. Now, would you want that to happen to you? Reading about trademark lawsuits made me wonder what's your take on fake handbags? To me, I would rather wear a handbag with no logo at all than a fake Chanel or Prada. Personally, I revere these pieces as "art" and to wear counterfeit goods just wouldn't feel right, even if you can't tell that it's fake. So tell you fake it?


  1. I think that if a person wants the 2.55 and has no money to spend on the true version.. maybe I would accept that she buys a fake one, but I wouldn't do. NEVER.

  2. ooh my god that story! i guess no fake bags are better!

  3. I don't wear fake. I'd rather not buy one at all than wear the fake.

  4. i don't fake it, because you really can't. there's no copying the quality of the leather of the real product...there's always a short-coming that makes the fake look cheap. plus, i love my accessories, and when you buy the real thing, it is quite noticeable!

  5. Honestly I loathe obvious branding on any piece be it fake or not. That being said, I also think that if you can't afford the real thing, then that means you shouldn't have it at all. There are plenty of affordable original designs out there.


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