Friday, August 7, 2009

My Top 10 Beauty Products Under $30

I've never blogged about beauty products, but I decided to try something new! After all, fashion is beauty, and beauty is fashion, right? I was thinking about my 10 beauty products that I can't live without, and it was a big challenge, since I use so many. However, I narrowed it down to my top 10, and all under $30 each! Click on images to see where you can purchase these items.

[1] Vaseline ($2)
Vaseline is my go-to for everything. Cuts, dry skin, you name it, vaseline cures it all! I love using it to prevent blisters, and to prevent dry, cracked heels on my feet. This is the cheapest, yet best product ever!

[2] L'Oreal Elnett UV Hairspray ($14.99)
This is probably the best hairspray I have ever used. It's not sticky at all, and although some people complain about it, it has a fragrance that I kinda like! I sprayed a bunch of this stuff in my hair once, and my hair wasn't stiff, nor was there any flaking whatsoever. It holds really well, and you can even run your fingers through your hair!

[3] Footpetal's Sweaty Pedi Spray ($9.50)
After spending many hours in flats or heels, my feet get sweaty. Now, before I leave for work, I spray Footpetal's Sweaty Pedi and I'm good to go. It reduces sweat significantly!

[4] Hazeline Snow ($4)
I have some dark spots on my face as a result of committing a beauty "no" by picking at my face, which has resulted in some scarring. Thus, I discovered Hazeline show. I dab a little of this whitening cream on the spots before I go to bed, and my spots are noticeably lighter the next day. It's not harsh on your skin at all and it's good for all skin types.

[5] Rosebud lip balm at Sephora ($7)
I love this lip balm from Sephora. It leaves my lips soft for hours, and it's not oily, unlike some lip products. The best thing is, it smells like strawberries!

[6] Oil Control Lotion by MAC ($29.50)
I only use this product in the evening before I go out dancing. I sweat easily, my face will shine within an hour, and my makeup will start to look a little sloppy. I got this at MAC and it does wonders-my makeup stays put! It works for up to 8 hours too.

[7] Heat Tamer Spray by TRESemme ($4.99)
I'm a blowdry and flat iron type of girl, so my hair is prone to major damage from all that heat. I spray this all over my head before I blowdry and flat iron. It's not sticky or heavy at all, and I haven't experienced any damaged/dry hair.

[8] Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover by Kose ($15)
I get this eye makeup remover from my grandmother in Asia. She ships several bottles at a time, because she knows I love this stuff. This is the only eye makeup remover that I have experienced where it removes my eye makeup instantly. I usually have to wipe and tug at my eyes to get off all the eyeliner and mascara. However, with this Kose eye makeup remover, I am able to remove everything within seconds. Amazing.

[9] Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets ($5)
I have a pretty oily face, so I find myself taking oil absorbing sheets and dabbing my face by mid-afternoon. I don't use Clean & Clear specifically, but generally, oil absorbing sheets are my savior. I discovered this trick--if you want to save some money or if you're in desperate need of oil control sheets, toilet seat covers in women's bathrooms do the same thing. I tried it once, and it really does work! It absorbs just as well!

[10] EltaMD Sunscreen and Moisturizer ($24)
I'm a major advocate of sunscreen, especially on the face. Not only do I use it to prevent skin cancer, but who wants their face to look wrinkly and leathery? I apply sunscreen religiously, even though it's foggy outside, because UV rays are still in the air. I discovered this sunscreen and moisturizer (love 2-in-1's!) combo from a doctor. It is not sticky at all, and it has a strong SPF. It's light and you can still apply makeup. The drawback is, you can only purchase this from your dermatologist.

What are your favorite beauty products?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you shared your secrets! I can't wait to try these!

  2. Where do you purchase the Hazeline Snow from? It looks very interesting and I'm a face picker too :(

  3. I linked the image to where you can buy it online. Since Asians are into whitening creams, you can purchase Hazeline Snow at asian grocery stores in their pharmacy section. :)

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  5. i too cant do without vaseline.. but my skin is oily too so im gonna try out MAC oil control..Thanks for putting that up.. its very informative

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  7. Yup! I saw that episode! I love her beauty tricks! Vaseline is serious the best thing ever!

  8. #5 is the best thing I've ever ever discovered. gotta try the Tresemme.


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