Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loving It: The Boyfriend Jean and the Boyfriend Blazer

I was catching up on Entourage episodes, and was intrigued by what Sloane, played by Emmanuelle Chiriqui, was wearing on the season 6 opener. At first glance, I didn't like the look only because it was too slouchy/baggy for me. However, as I continued to watch the scene, I was starting to see why it worked. She is wearing not one, but two boyfriend trends together-the boyfriend blazer, and the boyfriend jean. I'm so accustomed to seeing one look at a time, but never paired together. This look works because it's cool, laid-back and fashionable at the same time. While the fitted jacket gives her shape, her revealing neckline gives it a feminine twist. Although the pants are fairly loose-fitting, cuffing them and sporting high heels not only gives her height, but elongates her legs, preventing her from looking short. I've paired a similar look together below-and probably for a fraction of the cost! Are you feeling the "boyfriend" trend?

Click on image to see where you can purchase it!


  1. I've always loved the blazer look...J. Crew also has great boyfriend jeans.

  2. I love when you give us the same outfit/look for a fraction of the cost!


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