Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Purchases: Cuff Bracelet, Fashion Inspirations

My secret dream is to be photographed for my favorite blog, The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman takes pictures of street fashion in places such as New York and Milan. What I like about The Sartorialist is that Schuman pushes the envelope by taking some pictures that aren't always neccesarily fashionable. He really questions what personal style really means and challenges you to do the same. This book showcases his favorite images, and very limited text. The pictures speak for itself, and to me, it's very inspiring. It has over 500 pages, and I bought it off Amazon for only $16.

When I saw this movie in theaters back in April, I knew I had to own the DVD. I'm waiting for this to be shipped to me from Amazon, since it won't be released until September. I know that this will be something I can watch over and over again without ever getting sick of it. I highly recommend you get this film if you are a true fashion lover! Buy this from Amazon for only $19.99!

I love browsing through online sample sales. I bought this Pearl Cuff by Gerard Yosca from at their RED HOT sale event. I can't wait to receive this in the mail! I bought it for only $25, originally $230. Like I posted before, Ideeli is only invite only, so use this link to sign up and get great deals!


  1. Wow how have I not heard about the Valentino film?! I must be living under a rock! Oh well, I hardly ever see anything in the theatre anyway.

    Happy Tuesday!


  2. oh oh thanks for reminding me about the Sartorialist book, gotta get it for my coffee table!

  3. Ms. B-The film was playing in select theaters, and it played only in small venues..but you should check out the film if you get the chance. It's amazing!

    Sarah-I'm still going through the book, but I love it! FYI, i have the paperback version and it's pretty small...i thought it would be bigger..but nonetheless, it's great!

  4. I will have to see that movie!

  5. You're soo funny Vic.. You don't have to wait for that photographer to take picture of you.. You can start taking random fashionable ppl on the streets of SF for your blog.. And than start taking photos of yourself on post it online.. =P


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