Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Current Obsessions: Something New, Something Blue, Something Prada

As promised, I have been rotating my handbags more often. I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing the black denim Louis Vuitton, so I gave my purple ombre deerskin Prada a little debut over the weeekend. As much as I love this purse for being unique and its ability to be quite roomy, it's so heavy. I love the crackled, soft leather and how it shimmers in the sunlight. I've also recently acquired a new black Michael Kors watch and trying to balance my new one with the rose gold one that I absolutely adore makes my dressing in the morning take a bit more effort than usual. However, I will not complain, because what girl doesn't love options? I also decided to take random pictures of my blue ring that I'm obsessed with as well as my long Native American themed necklace that I wore to work today. Oh, and please excuse my dusty dresser.

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  1. I love all your accessories! Both MK watches are gorgeous!!


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