Friday, April 22, 2011

Men's Edition: Scarves

When you work in the world of licensing and you deal with a lot of product, you can't help but be influenced. We've been receiving a ton of scarf samples, and I've been going through boxes and boxes of women's scarves. Although this blog is primarily about women's fashion, I try to think of the men too! I've had a couple requests to discuss men's scarves, so I found myself researching just that.

For the everyday guy, I find that plain, and simple scarves work best. If you're going to go for a pattern, don't do anything too crazy--basic, classic stripes would be a great alternative to something plain. Other than that, I would stray away from embellishments such as heavy tassles and unattractive patterns such as tie dye. Colors such as gray, navy, olive, and tan are so versatile that they would look great with virtually anything. I suggest investing in some good quality pieces from places such as Brooks Brothers, where you know that they would last for a very long time.  With that being said, you are now ready to shop for the perfect scarf! For advice on how to tie a scarf, click here!  

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  1. I love a man that can pull off a scarf, so debonair!


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