Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday Afternoon

I spent a good few hours on Saturday with the roommate shopping in San Francisco. I purchased three pieces from Anthropologie (stay tuned for pics!) and a basic top from Forever 21. It was a rather successful shopping trip and I can't wait to wear all my new purchases! As most of you know, I live in heels, so wearing these flats put a little damper on my mood. I was suffering from shin splints, and couldn't risk wearing heels when I had my big 10 mile race the following day. I'm proud to report that I completed the race! I'm glad I finished, was able to push through, and accomplish all of my goals. Hope you all had a good weekend!

California State Necklace: Maya Brenner
Watch: Michael Kors
Tank: Forever 21
Blazer: Target
Jeans + Belt: Levi's
Shoes: Dolce Vita

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  1. I like how you threw on a blazer to make it a little dressier...flats look great on you!


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