Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Photographer...Make Sure You Catch Me From My Good Side

After leaving Saks, I walked a couple blocks down to Paul Smith. I was so busy recounting my experience with Yigal Azrouel (see post below) in my head that I simply lost my direction. I had no clue where Stockton Street was, and asked a couple walking on the street. They told me that they had just landed in the city from the UK. Feeling quite embarrassed, I said "Well, welcome to San Francisco!" and went along my merry way.

I finally located the store and was flabbergasted. The line was long, stretching down the block and around the corner. I took my place in line and waited. and waited. and waited--for 3.5 hours--in heels, mind you! To pass the time, I texted, talked on the phone, went through the book for a third time, and talked to random people in line. The people I talked to were equally surprised with the turnout, and one of the guys said candidly "I mean, San Francisco, isn't the most aesthetically pleasing type of place." However, the people waiting for the Sartorialist proved me wrong and were very well dressed. There were seas of blazers, brogues, tights, sky high heels, and even full on tailored suits. Well done, San Francisco!

When I reached the door, I spoke briefly with the doorman, where he told me that Scott Schuman has to sit a certain way because he likes to be photographed at a certain angle. Well! What a coincidence! I like to be photographed at a certain angle as well (see Christian Siriano post). This was very exciting to know that someone shares the same angles as me, but a dilemma arose--we share the same "good side." What to do?

After several hours, I finally met the Sartorialist himself, Scott Schuman. He wore a simple suit and had tortoise shell round eyeglasses. He was very handsome, debonair, and equally nice and modest. I gave him my book, where he signed the cover, and a photograph that he shot of Carine Roitfeld (editor-in-chief of French Vogue). I asked to take a picture and joked "Scott, you took my good side!" He laughed and said,"It's great to be in this position so I can choose how my pictures are being taken." After that picture, he took my shoulders and twisted them to the right and suggested that we take another picture with our good sides, so that way it was even (picture above!). It was a great experience, and I am glad that I got the opportunity to meet someone that inspires me so much.

These pictures will go up on my fashion wall! Can't wait to frame them!


  1. I love that he turned you around so you both had a picture with your good sides!

    It sounds like you had a fantastic experience! He is very handsome!...worth the wait!

  2. 1) You have met SO MANY famous people in the last few weeks
    2) My god, Scott is gorgeous.


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