Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Must Have: Sequins

Fall is my favorite time of the year--the leggings, colored tights, suede booties, and cashmere sweaters galore! However, there is one more thing I would love to add to my fall wardrobe-sequined attire. They are kind of amazing; they add that something extra to an otherwise boring blazer or tee. Contrary to popular belief, sequins are not restricted to night time attire. A sequined top in a more neutral color such as beige or tan can easily be worn during the day. If you still feel that it's a bit much, then you can layer a cropped blazer to take away some of that shine. Just remember to keep the jewelry to an absolute minimum, as you don't want to look like a disco ball disaster!


  1. The very bottom picture on the left-- are those Stella McCartney? And if they are, did I see them at Neiman Marcus with you?

  2. Yep those are the Stellas that we saw at NM!


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