Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So One Day I Met Christian Siriano...

Despite up to 50mph winds and heavy rainfall in San Francisco today, nothing was going to get in the way of me missing the opportunity to meet Christian Siriano at Saks. Since day one, he has been my favorite contestant (ever!) on Project Runway. His sheer talent and big personality is what made me know that he was going to go far. I've been following his work, and his recent Spring 2010 collection made me fall in love even more--if that's even possible!

Walking over to the event, I was so nervous that I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack. I mean the wind was blowing in different directions, so naturally I looked horrific. What if he called me a hot mess? Or worse, just a mess? By the way, a hot mess is a mess with potential, whereas a mess is someone who is completely hopeless and unsalvageable. He defines this in his book! As I arrived on the second floor, I saw him in an all black ensemble (a skeleton tee, and awesome black patent leather shoes) taking pictures with fans. I got into line and was thinking "What do I say? Oh God, is my makeup smeared? ah! I can't believe I'm seeing such a great designer-in the flesh!" In just a few minutes, it was my turn to approach him. I greeted him with a simple "hello" and gushed "I'm such a fan!" (so teenybopper of me, I know).

He was very kind and gracious, asked me my name and signed my book and a picture of my favorite dress from his Spring 2010 collection. I was a little frightened that he may have said "this picture is copyrighted!" and refuse to sign it, but he did. I also needed a picture with him, of course. For those that know me, I only pose on a specific side because my face is slimmer, and frankly, it's my good side (know your angles!). I nervously asked "Can we switch sides? This is my good side!" Yes, I really said that to a person I didn't know, and yes, I was wholly embarrassed afterwards. But hey! If you read Fierce Style, Siriano asks to embrace your fierceness--and I had to look fabulous in the picture too! Side note: his boyfriend Brad Walsh was there too. I contemplated saying 'hi,' but I figured I had embarrassed myself enough!

My minute of bliss was over and he thanked me for coming out, despite the bad weather. And in a sheer "ohmygod I just met someone that I really admire" moment, I responded "Anything for you!" As I went down the escalator, I told myself, "Real smooth. Now he probably thinks you're a creeper!" Nevertheless, I am so glad that I was able to make it out and meet someone who I really admire in the fashion world. Here are some pics below!

He totally worked the cover!

The inside of the book. I think it reads "Victoria-Fierce Love"

This is going to be framed, alongside the picture that I took with Christian, and is going on my fashion wall of pictures


  1. what a great memory! So glad you took a picture with him...good thing you told him about your side because this picture is perfect! You both look fabulous!

    ps help me find my side!

  2. You should have said "hi" to Brad, he would not have minded.

    Glad you had a great visit with Christian!

  3. Oh wow, that is quite the lucky chance, no? =)

    Thanks for all of your support and kind words during this huge change, but after a while I'm sure I'll learn to adjust and adapt to the new weather and locales. I will just miss Miami's all legs/all day looks. lol... but there's always next Spring/Summer!


  4. Christian is so adorbs!! Love him!



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