Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yigal Azrouel at Saks!

Fashion designer Yigal Azrouel made a personal appearance at Saks in San Francisco yesterday evening to present his Spring 2010 collection. I knew I couldn't miss this for the world!

When I arrived, I sipped on some wine and went through each piece in the spring and fall collection, and I must say they were far more impressive in person than the pictures on the runway. I gasped in awe at every piece that I recognized from the collection. I was able to see the impeccable detailing of the ruching, beading, and draping, feel the materials of the clothes, and just take it all in.

I took my little notepad out, slowly approached him, and introduced myself. We had a great conversation which lasted for a few minutes. He was very gracious and answered all my questions patiently. Here are some highlights from my interview. A quick note: I didn't have a tape recorder, so I can't quote him word for word. I quickly jotted his answers down, but these answers are paraphrased.

1. What is your designing process? Is everything methodically planned out? Do you have inspirations before you design something?
YZ: Being in New York City is an inspiration enough, but music also plays a major part as well. My designing process first starts at the fabric. I choose my fabric first, then I play around with it. I play around with techniques such as draping and try to form it around the body. After I figure out what I want to do I sketch it.

2. What was your inspiration for the Spring 2010 collection?
YZ: I wanted to do something architectural and graphic, and I wanted to design my own fabric.
I like creating something that looks like it is "worn in." I don't like anything too perfect. To me, imperfection is already perfect.

3. How did you start out?
YZ: I was attracted to fashion at an early age, and just decided to go for it. I was self taught, had no formal training. Nothing happened overnight. There was no "big break." My status as a designer started to grow through word of mouth and as customers liked what they saw, they told other people, and that's how it happened.

4. What other designers do you look up to?
YZ: There are so many! Margiela...Alexander McQueen is always good...on the Japanese side, Yohji (Yamamoto).

5. What advice do you have for people starting out?
YZ: Believe in yourself and be consistent in your work.

Random stuff that came up during the conversation:
  • He just came back from visiting his sister in La Jolla, San Diego. While he was there, he went to Blacks Beach and surfed!
  • My favorite dress from the Spring 2010 collection (and his as well, coincidentally enough) is the one below. The yellow "lines" are made of tulle and some sort of chiffon (I can't remember, sorry!) and they are gathered and sewn to create some texture.
  • He showed me a way to wear the dress-Azrouel paired a lightweight anorak type jacket with the dress to give it more of a sportswear feel.

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  1. The yellow dress is amazing! I love your interview with him, he sounds very approachable and humble.


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