Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fab Trend: Cardigans

I just went to Forever 21 today and purchased three cardigans (first two pictures displayed below). While I was going cardigan-crazy, it made me realize, oh how I love cardigans! They are a great transitional piece and you can wear them all year long: layer them in the Winter or wear them over your cute dresses in the Spring and Summer. I firmly believe that they are a must-have in every person's wardrobe. They never go out of style and are so versatile; they come in so many great patterns and colors that they can spice up any outfit. I especially love the long boyfriend styled cardigan. Being a short girl, I rely on these long cardigans to help make me look taller! I also like to belt my long cardigans in order to create some shape. Rihanna exhibits this style particularly well. Her ensemble looks effortless, yet fashionable. Just throw on a cardigan over a tanktop or tee, pair it up with jeans, and you're ready to go run your errands in style!

Below are some cardigans that I found while browsing online. Click on the links to see where you can purchase them!
[Image Source above: fabsugar]

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